Costume & Textiles

Sally has a particular interest in textiles and is well known for her historic hats, stockings and also for her imaginative modern knitting patterns. She is the designer of the Dwarven Battle Bonnet. She also makes the vast majority of the historic costume items worn by herself and Gareth in their living history work.

Sally’s designer page on Ravelry. This is where to find the full collection of knitting patterns in pdf format, though we also stock most as hardcopies via the shop.

Wicked Woollens: Sally’s (mostly) knitting blog, this is where we post updates about recent pattern research or projects.

Make a Simple Medieval Dress: An easy to make dress suitable for 14thC re-enactment. Free pattern

The Red Dress: A slightly posher looking medieval frock that can be modernised in many ways if desired. FreeĀ pattern

Make a Regency Bonnet: A simple project to convert a cheap sunhat into a Regency style bonnet.

Make your own Shoe Lasts: When felting slipper and booties these are really helpful!.

The Neolithic Archer’s Outfit: Now on display in a museum, this project involved an awful lot of goat skins!

Pointy Hats! We have a whole section of the site devoted to the making and wearing of pointy hats. Why? Because we like them, thats why.

Costume Gallery: (coming soon!) A timeline of some of our historic costumes

Scots Bonnets & Kilt Hose: We make such an increasing range of Scots bonnets and related items that they have their own site. (site is also being overhauled so may periodically not show, please bear with me, it will be back soon)