Hummel Bonnets

A hand knitted Hummel style bonnet in dark blue British spun wool, diced with red, white and green checks, and heavily brushed and fulled (felted) after knitting to create a thick dense warm bonnet suitable for re-enactment/costume wear, and also extremely popular with Highland dress. Particularly suitable for late eighteenth and early nineteenth century Highland regiments. The details of this hat have been based both on surviving examples and on portrait evidence.

These hats feature a fully adjustable head size as there is a strong black herringbone ribbon run inside the narrow band to allow you to secure the bonnet at whatever size suits you. I am happy to make the bonnet a little larger or smaller or a different height if you need different proportions, just let me know.

The blue pictured in the photo is a repeatable shade allowing you to match your regiment across orders, but if you require a different shade I am very happy to make modifications. Please allow me a couple of weeks to knit your cap.

Like many military style caps, this can be custom shaped to suit your tastes or head by dampening it and arranging to shape before allowing the cap to dry thoroughly.

Hummel bonnets cost just £39. A toorie may be added in any shade required for just £1 extra.

We are able to accommodate requests for Hummel bonnets with a more flared top as seen in some historic portraits, just let us know what you require, and we can make any modifications necessary.

As with all our hats and hose, orders may be placed through our webshop at You will find the Hummel Bonnets in the ‘historic hats’ section.